Maaike Petrie Faulstich

M: (619) 807-6944

Marine and environmental geologist with experience in independent sedimentological research and working on and managing environmental projects for government contracts.  Keen on expanding geological understanding while creating a supportive, positive work environment. 

Specific strengths:
·       Carbonate sedimentology and groundwater contaminant modelling.
·       Experience working for and interacting with academia, private clients, and government contracts.
·       Excellent troubleshooting and problem-solving skills, use technical knowledge and creativity to approach problems from new angles.
·       High energy and passionate about understanding the marine world as well as educating others.
·       Stormwater monitoring, drilling, and project management experience – both in the field and the office.

M.S. Marine Geology and Geophysics, University of Miami, 2010; GPA 3.6.
B.S. Earth Sciences: Geology focus, Duke University, Durham, NC, 1999; GPA 3.5.
B.A. Environmental Sciences and Policy, Duke University, Durham, NC, 1999; GPA 3.2.
School for International Training in Belize: Natural; History and Cultural Ecology Program

Short Courses:
SEPM Sequence Stratigraphy; AAPG ACE June 2009
Chevron Field Seminars:
o   South Florida/Florida Keys Carbonates; April 2007
o   Guadalupe Mountains/Permian Basin; May 2008
UCSD Extension Classes:
o   Contaminated Soil and Groundwater
o   Management of Southern California Coastal Zone


Paladin Resolutions, Coppell, TX
Independent consultant, June 2010-Present
·       Provided independent research data to client for use in identifying key players and potential techniques for use in clean up of the Horizon Deepwater Oil Spill, both on-shore and off-shore.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection – Coral Reef Conservation Program
Program coordinates research and monitoring, develops management strategies, and promotes partnerships to protect the coral reefs, hardbottom communities, and associated reef resources of southeast Florida.
Intern, March 2010-July 2010
·      Researched, authored, and graphically illustrated a slideshow describing the marine geology of the reef complex offshore southeast Florida for use in presentations to educate the public on the need for MPAs.  Converted slideshow to video for use on the CRCP website.
·      Updated stakeholder database for the “Fishing, Diving, and Other Uses” program.
·      Researched and updated grant database for changes in application requirements or new grants that might fund Southeast Florida Reef Conservation Initiative (SEFRCI) projects.

University of Miami, RSMAS/MGG, Comparative Sedimentology Laboratory
World-class scientific facility researching facies, sequence stratigraphy, petrophysics, and geochemistry in modern and ancient carbonate systems to enhance prediction of carbonate reservoir attributes on exploration and production scale.
Research Assistant/Master’s Candidate in Marine Geology & Geophysics, 2006-2010
Developed, for the first time, a model for the accumulation of a carbonate grainstone tidal flat to be used for modeling similar settings in reservoirs. 

·      Documented and interpreted sedimentology and hydrodynamic conditions of a grainstone tidal flat complex located at Shroud Cay in the Exuma Island Chain to interpret the evolution of the tidal flat and identify characteristics of the sub-environments that would facilitate more accurate identification of similar environments of deposition in ancient settings. 
·      Facies distribution maps established using results of field sampling and observation.
·      Efficiently and thoroughly analyzed data and successfully completed project, despite changes in project focus due to circumstances beyond my control.
·      Data used included sedimentological analysis using various types of data - grain size, grain type, grain sorting, sedimentary structures, and geomorphology.  Collection methods included field mapping, ground sampling, VibraCoring (soft sediment core drilling method), BoxCoring, and aerial image analysis. 
·      Responsible for maintaining Comparative Sedimentology Laboratory (CSL) website.
·      Presented results of research in two posters at AAPG 2009 Annual Convention.

Grove Scuba, Miami, FL
Miami's only PADI Five Star Instructor Training Center

Dive Master and Assistant Instructor

Assist with Open Water classes, both classroom, pool, and in the open ocean.  Lead guided dives.  Currently working on my Instructor training which should be completed April 2010.

ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company, Carbonate Research Group, Houston, TX
Global petroleum and petrochemical company.

Intern, Spring 2008

Tested and enhanced accuracy of a depositional texture mapping technique using remote sensing in hard-to-access carbonate settings.
·      Developed and analyzed a detailed texture and geobody map of my master’s research area by analyzing high resolution aerial images using ERMapper and ArcGIS.
·      Provided ExxonMobil with quantitative analysis results to be used in improved mapping accuracy and interpretation of un-visited reservoir analog locations.

Bechtel Environmental, Inc., San Diego, CA
World leader for engineering, construction, and project management.

Senior Environmental Geologist, 2001-2006

Effectively and safely led field and reporting teams during high-profile site assessment and clean-up of Naval Air Station Alameda and Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach.
·      Planned, organized, mobilized, led, managed database, and performed fieldwork for multiple Navy CLEAN task orders.
·      Authored, participated in, and coordinated production of technical and decision documents (PA/SI, RI/FS, RD/RA, and Monitoring Reports) and coordinated and scheduled both field and office teams in several different offices at once.  Performed work in accordance with Federal (CERCLA, RCRA, and NEPA), State (CEQA) and local laws.
·      Interacted with Navy personnel, regulators, and local stakeholders at NAVWPNSTA Seal Beach with regards to project scope, status, and progress.
·      Site Safety and Health Representative and lead Field Geologist on field efforts including well installation, drilling (hollow stem auger and mud), core logging, geotechnical analysis, and groundwater monitoring – zero accident record.
·      Responsible for reviewing and preparing safety plans for fieldwork activities and conducting field audits. 
·      Researched and educated clients on new methods selected for use at NAVWPNSTA Seal Beach to minimize number of wells drilled and improve clean-up efficiency. 

MACTEC Engineering and Environmental Services, Sterling, VA & San Diego, CA
An industry leader in engineering, environmental, and construction services to public and private clients worldwide.
Staff Geologist, 1999-2001
·      Sited, installed, maintained and operated automated water samplers for storm-water treatment method evaluation and characterization and authored results reports for CalDOT.  Analyzed storm analytical and rainfall data and managed GIS database.
·      Performed surface water sampling in Mission Bay for SeaWorld eutrophication study.
·      Performed classification and analysis of UST petroleum contaminated soil as part of Phase II Environmental Assessment at numerous sites at US Army Fort Belvoir, VA and authored Phase I and II Site Characterization Reports.
·      Experience with Hollow Stem Rotary Auger Drilling, GeoProbing (or equivalent), mud-drilling, handaugering, surface water sampling, groundwater sampling, soil sampling, slug testing, soil vapor testing, sensitive receptor surveys, and site surveying.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize
Marine reserve formed primarily as a community-based initiative due to concern over the high level of uncontrolled, often destructive fishing and diving activities in the area.
Volunteer/Intern, Spring/Summer 1998
Performed environmental assessment (identifying species and densities of corals and coral diseases) of back reef area in Hol Chan Marine reserve to determine health of reef and researched local activities to determine if impacting the area.

NAM (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij), Assen, the Netherlands

Joint venture between Royal Dutch Shell and ExxonMobil to explore natural gas resources.
Intern, Summer 1997

Reviewed environmental impact legislation in the Netherlands in order to compare and issue a report (in Dutch) on environmental impacts and economic needs/benefits of 8 highly publicized infrastructure and/or energy projects in the Netherlands for purposes of analyzing public reaction to a drilling project in the Wadden Sea.  Report copyrighted by NAM. 

Duke Recycles, Durham, NC

Aims to remove as much recyclable material from the University water stream as possible, while providing the best, most efficient service to customers.
Student employee, 1995-1998
Student project involved reviving and expanding the compositing program by contacting laboratories and facilities on campus to donate their compostable material to be processed and used on campus grounds.  Responsible for arranging new donations, materials pick-up, transport, and heap design, control, and maintenance.

40-Hour OSHA Health and Safety Training
OSHA Health and Safety Annual Refreshers
Site Safety and Health Representative and Environmental Safety and Health Training
Confined Space Entry Certified
CPR/First Aid Certified
Proficient at MSWord, MSExcel, MSPowerpoint
Basic skills in using ArcMap, ERMapper software, and Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator and Photoshop
Certified PADI DiveMaster/Assistant Instructor
Teaching assistant experience (1st grade and 6th-8th grade art)

Sedimentology of a Grain-Dominated Tidal Flat, Tidal Delta, and Eolianite System: Shroud Cay, Exumas
Maaike Petrie, University of Miami, RSMAS, Spring 2010.

Comparative Evaluation of Eight High-Profile Environmental Projects in the Netherlands: Economics, Environment, and Public Perception
Maaike Petrie, NAM, 1997.

Petrie, M.(1), Eberli, G.P.(1), McNeill, D.F.(1), Hicks, M.K.(2), Strohmenger, C.J.(3), “Sedimentology of a Grain-Dominated Tidal Flat and Tidal Delta, Shroud Cay, Exumas, Bahamas”, American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Annual Convention.  Poster Session, Denver, Colorado, June 7-10, 2009. ((1) RSMAS/CSL, University of Miami, (2) ExxonMobil Upstream Research, Houston, TX, (3) ADCO, Abu Dhabi)

Petrie, M.(1), Hicks, M. K.(2), Steffen, K.(2), “Modern Analogs: Accuracy of Remote Sensing Facies Mapping on the Grain-dominated Tidal Flat and Tidal Delta, Shroud Cay, Exumas”, American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Annual Convention – SEPM Carbonate Research Group Meeting.  Poster Session, Denver, Colorado, June 7, 2009.  ((1) RSMAS/CSL, University of Miami, (2) ExxonMobil Upstream Research, Houston, TX).

English – fluent
Dutch – fluent
German – basic speaking and reading
Afrikaans – basic understanding